Journal Report

Descendants of Bishara Azar (31)

Generation One

1. Bishara1 Azar (31). Bishara (31) was born Jezzine, Lebanon. He married Rose Ojile (32). Bishara (31) died in 1930 Worcester, MA.
Bishara (31)'s occupation: Barber Gardner, MA. Nobody really knew him. Rose never spoke about him. Most of Angelle's family didn't know about him. Badie found out about Bishara by accident. Badie was traveling and met him in when traveling.
Children of Bishara1 Azar (31) and Rose Ojile (32) were as follows:

Generation Two

2. Mary2 Azar (37) (Bishara1). Mary (37) was born Egypt in 1886. She married Salim Asmar (194). Mary (37) died in 1918 Brooklyn, NY.
Children of Mary2 Azar (37) and Salim Asmar (194) were as follows:

3. Victoria2 Azar (34) (Bishara1). Victoria (34) was born Alexandria, Egypt, on 6 December 1886. She married Hanna Farah (35). Victoria (34) died on 21 August 1969 Miami, FL, at age 82.
She was an excellent cook who knew exactly what she wanted and how to prepare it. She spoke six languages: Arabic, English, French, Greek, Italian and Spanish.

Hanna was a partner for a short period. After her husband left the family, she put her children in an orphanage for many years. During those years, she built a lingerie fashion business and travelled to Paris.

She was sent to Paris by her client, a Mrs. Richards. Professionally she was well known. One of her specialties was hand-made torsoes for wealthy women. A brief article written in the New York Times about her intended trip to Paris to get the latest fashions.

Once a month she would visit her children at the orphanage. Lorraine and Claire were at the Convent of Mercy on Willoughby Street in Brooklyn. John and Gladys were at another orphanage. Her children were very unhappy there. Victoria (34)'s occupation: Designer Miami, FL.
Children of Victoria2 Azar (34) and Hanna Farah (35) were as follows:

6. Alfonse2 Azar (33) (Bishara1). Alfonse (33) was born Alexandria, Egypt, in 1895. Alfonse (33) was divorced from Alfonse's Wife #2 Azar (815). He married Sophie Depollo (196) Alexandria, Egypt, in 1917. He married Alfonse's Wife #2 Azar (815) Alexandria, Egypt, in 1958. Alfonse (33) died in May 1963 Alexandria, Egypt.
He was a sub director of the Ottoman Bank in Alexandria, Egypt. Alfonse (33)'s occupation: Bank Director Alexandria, Egypt.
Children of Alfonse2 Azar (33) and Sophie Depollo (196) both born Alexandria, Egypt, were as follows:
There were no children of Alfonse2 Azar (33) and Alfonse's Wife #2 Azar (815).

7. Angelle2 Azar (23) (Bishara1). Angelle (23) was born Alexandria, Egypt, on 6 March 1898. She married Badie Shakir Katen (22) Brooklyn, NY, on 21 April 1923. Angelle (23) died on 18 August 1969 Brooklyn, NY, at age 71.
Her family was originally from Jazzin [Djezzine] Lebannon. Angelle learned French when she went to a French school run by French nuns.

Her father and mother didn't get along. Joe didn't know about Bishara until. Bishara was a barber in Gardner MA. She was ill with cancer; She died with ovarian cancer that metastasized. She had stomach pains in March when she was visiting in Florida. On her return to Brooklyn, she went to the hospital on May 8. They operated on her and were not able to do anything.
Children of Angelle2 Azar (23) and Badie Shakir Katen (22) all born Brooklyn, NY, were as follows:

Generation Three

10. Theodore Joseph3 Karam (195) (Mary2 Azar, Bishara1). Theodore (195) was born Worchester, MA, on 31 March 1908. He married Violet Malluk (213) Brooklyn, NY, on 18 June 1949. Theodore (195) died on 30 March 1987 Brooklyn, NY, at age 78.
Teddy changed his father's name from Asmar to Karem. Asmar means "dark" in Arabic. He did not like being called "Asmar".

He worked for the Internal Revenue Service as an investigator. He also enjoyed photography. He took home movies from the late 1940's. Theodore (195)'s occupation: Investigator with the Internal Revenue Service New York, NY.
Children of Theodore Joseph3 Karam (195) and Violet Malluk (213) both born Brooklyn, NY, are as follows:

13. Lorraine Rose3 Farah (186) (Victoria2 Azar, Bishara1). Lorraine (186) was born Brooklyn, NY, on 12 October 1918. She married Donald Halloran (188) New York, NY, in June 1941.
Besides doing clerical work, she was also a waitress. She resided New York, NY. Lorraine (186)'s occupation: Clerical unknown.
Children of Lorraine Rose3 Farah (186) and Donald Halloran (188) both born New York, NY, are as follows:

14. Claire Rose3 Farah (187) (Victoria2 Azar, Bishara1). Claire (187) was born Brooklyn, NY, on 28 March 1920. Claire (187) was divorced from Tudor Morris (191) New York, NY. She married Tudor Morris (191) Brooklyn, NY, on 17 March 1944. Claire (187) died on 12 September 1993 New York, NY, at age 73.
She was employed; Housewife. She was ill with cancer; She died from cancer.
Children of Claire Rose3 Farah (187) and Tudor Morris (191) were as follows:

15. John Joseph3 Farah (226) (Victoria2 Azar, Bishara1). John (226) was born Brooklyn, NY, on 8 June 1921. He married Dorothy Janis Keirsted (227) New York, NY, on 30 August 1947. John (226) was divorced from Dorothy Janis Keirsted (227) in 1969.
He resided Pompano Beach, FL. John (226)'s occupation: Rug Sales unknown.
Children of John Joseph3 Farah (226) and Dorothy Janis Keirsted (227) are as follows:

16. Gladys Jean3 Farah (192) (Victoria2 Azar, Bishara1). Gladys (192) was born New York, NY, on 24 February 1922. She married Albert Randolph Luton (193) Elizabeth City, NC, on 29 August 1944. Gladys (192) died on 6 March 1982 Ft. Lauderdale, FL, at age 60.
Gladys lived a rich and exciting life. She partied and enjoyed herself a lot. She spent six years living in the Middle East in pursuit of her grandfather Hanna's inheritance. She loved the Mid East.

Her son John buried her ashes in Egypt between the Sphinx and a Pyramid. She belonged among the Kings and Queens of her ancestors. She was employed; Housewife.
Children of Gladys Jean3 Farah (192) and Albert Randolph Luton (193) were as follows:

17. Marcel Alphonse3 Azar (41) (Alfonse2, Bishara1). Marcel (41) was born Alexandria, Egypt, on 5 November 1911. He married Paulette Doummar (198) Alexandria, Egypt, on 26 April 1947. Marcel (41) died on 19 January 1983 at age 71.
He was ill with cancer; He died from colon cancer. Marcel (41) immigrated, circa 1957. Destination: (an unknown value). Marcel (41)'s occupation: Surgeon Egypt & the US before 1983.
Children of Marcel Alphonse3 Azar (41) and Paulette Doummar (198) both born Alexandria, Egypt, are as follows:

18. Yvonne Marie3 Azar (197) (Alfonse2, Bishara1). Yvonne (197) was born Alexandria, Egypt, on 16 May 1918. She married Charles Gargour (635) Alexandria, Egypt, on 27 December 1941.
She does facial, body electrolysis in her own business in Montreal. For years she wanted to visit the States but was unable to. In 1969 she immigrated to Montreal. During the summer of 1969, her aunt, Angelle, became sick with cancer. She asked to see her niece, Yvonne, whom she never met. Yvonne come from Canada to see Angelle for the first time. Angelle died a day latter with her wish fulfilled. She resided Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Yvonne (197)'s occupation: Electrolysis unknown. Yvonne (197) immigrated, in 1969. Destination: (an unknown value).
Children of Yvonne Marie3 Azar (197) and Charles Gargour (635) both born Alexandria, Egypt, are as follows:

19. Gloria Mary3 Katen (2) (Angelle2 Azar, Bishara1). Gloria (2) was born Brooklyn, NY, on 28 December 1923. She married George Nicholas Alwon (1) Bethany Lutheran Church, Brooklyn, NY, on 27 March 1943. Initially, Mom and Pop got married here on the day they eloped. Later, they married in Our Lady of Lebanon Roman Catholic Church. She married George Thomas Lewis (17) Lake Tahoe, NE, on 26 June 1988.
Gloria was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. Her mother, Angelle, was born in Egypt with Syrian roots. Her father, Badie, came to the US from Syria at age 16. He started out selling fruit, working in the restaurant business and then starting a linen and lace factory in China. He had to travel by train & boat for 23 days to get to China, where he lived for a few years.

After returning from China, Gloria’s father married her mother. Gloria was the oldest followed by 3 brothers. They had a good life in the Bay Ridge area of Brooklyn.

Shortly after graduation from high school, Gloria married a friend of her brother. She met George while being her brother’s “date” at a dance. She was 18 years and George was 19 when they married.

Gloria's marriage to George was not well taken by her family. Her dad, Badie thought that George was a Muslim and poor. Badie didn't want them to marry.

After the marriage, they eloped to Worcester and stayed with Jeannette and George Solomon. They escorted them to White City and held a party for the newly weds at their home.

Jeannette recalls that Mom called her mother Angelle. Angelle was happy with the marriage. We guess that Angelle made things smooth at home because shortly afterwards, George and Gloria moved in with her parents and that is where I was born.

Along with her 6 children she also helped her brother Floyd raise his children after his wife died. She took in 2 of her other brother Joe's kids during the summer!

All of Gloria’s children went to college. Her children now live in Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Massachusetts, Texas and Colorado. Her daughter, Anita, died of lung cancer several years ago. Gloria has 6 grand children.

She had a stroke after having both hips replaced in the early 90’s. Gloria moved into Emerald Pond in 2001. She spends most of her days in her apartment with friends.

Gloria loved her husband, her children and her grandchildren a lot. They came before all else. As a tribute to her, the grandchildren often write wonderful letters and poems to her. Here is one by her granddaughter, Katie. The arrangement comes from ee cummings.

Gi Gi by Kate Alwon

a story book
new tales every year
that's the best part

she sits there all day ready to
no one remembering she's
all enjoying ourselves

time to say good-bye
so soon
tears gather in everyone's eyes

people hold them in
not GiGi
she is open to her emotions:
makes you. . .
to know you're loved so much. She resided Brooklyn, NY. She was ill with cancer; Colon cancer: a polyp was removed from her colon. Family members need to be tested regularly. Gloria (2)'s occupation: Housewife Brooklyn, NY. She was ill with arthritis; She has arthritis. She was ill with migraine headaches; Classic migraines. After her stroke, they changed and were not as long lasting. She graduated from Bay Ridge HS in January 1942.
Children of Gloria Mary3 Katen (2) and George Nicholas Alwon (1) were as follows:
There were no children of Gloria Mary3 Katen (2) and George Thomas Lewis (17).

20. Joseph Badie3 Katen (24) (Angelle2 Azar, Bishara1). Joseph (24) was born Brooklyn, NY, on 28 February 1925. He married Gladys Ann Forzly (25) Las Vegas, NV, on 29 March 1944.
He resided Asheville, NC. He graduated from La Salle Academy in 1942. Joseph (24)'s occupation: Jewelry Sales Asheville, NC, in 1995.
Children of Joseph Badie3 Katen (24) and Gladys Ann Forzly (25) are as follows:

21. Floyd Shakir3 Katen (43) (Angelle2 Azar, Bishara1). Floyd (43) was born Brooklyn, NY, on 8 May 1928. He married Florence Marie Halvorsen (44) Brooklyn, NY, on 11 June 1950. He married Gladys Emily Helal (52) Brooklyn, NY, on 30 November 1979. He died on 10 November 2005 Florida at age 77; Floyd passed away after a struggle with cancer of the lungs, liver and chest.
Floyd was born to Badie and Angelle Katen. Floyd was named after Floyd Bennett Field, a Navy air field near Far Rockaway. His siblings are Joe, Gloria, and Butch.
He graduated from Fort Hamilton High School where he was known for his baseball batting skills. He was captain of his baseball team and played on the football team. His favorite sports were baseball, football, bowling, golf, and of course, swimming. He never had the energy for work around the house but when his tee off time came around or going to the beach or pool he was always ready.
One of the biggest moments of his life was trying out for the Brooklyn Dodgers back in 1945. When his children asked what happened he would say he was able to hit the ball but could not run fast enough. He had the special ability to watch the game on TV, and at the same time, listen to several other games on the radio, and still be able to tell you what was happening in each game.
He was accepted to Georgetown College but decided to work for the family business with his dad and brothers. He met and married Florence Halvorsen on June 11, 1950 and raised 5 children. His oldest son was Bruce, then daughters, Barbara, Gail, Irene, and Nancy. Floyd has 8 grandchildren with a future grandson due this January. After becoming widowed in 1977 he met and married Gladys Helal Shelala on November 3, 1979 and gained 4 stepchildren and 7 more grandchildren. His family was very important to him and he loved them all dearly.
He was very active in the Masonic Order becoming a member of Damascus Lodge. He achieved Master Mason status and then became secretary for many years to follow. He also was active with the order of Eastern Star and Triangle girls.
Floyd worked hard all his life. He worked with his father, Badie, in quilting manufacturing. He finally retired and moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida to enjoy the sun. There he spent many a day chitchatting with his fellow neighbors, playing cards with the guys, and floating on his noodle in the heated pool. His family and friends described him as a mild mannered man with great honesty and integrity. His children always realized how important he was in their lives but over the past few days, we have come to see how he touched the lives of others as well. He resided Brooklyn, NY. Floyd (43)'s occupation: Maintenance Brooklyn, NY. He graduated from Fort Hamilton High School in 1946.
Children of Floyd Shakir3 Katen (43) and Florence Marie Halvorsen (44) all born Brooklyn, NY, are as follows:
There were no children of Floyd Shakir3 Katen (43) and Gladys Emily Helal (52).

22. Franklin Alphonse3 Katen (77) (Angelle2 Azar, Bishara1). Franklin (77) was born Brooklyn, NY, on 14 June 1933. He married Margaret Jane 'Peggy' Kane (78) Brooklyn, NY, on 14 April 1956.
Franklin was named after Franklin Deleanor Roosevelt. During FDR's presidency, Badie took a disliking to FDR's policies and began to call his son "Butch". Butch went to PS 102 Grammar School on Ridge Blvd and 71st St. in Brooklyn. After high school, he joined the Army and served at Fort Meade from 1954 to 1956.

He worked with his father, Badie at Better Quilting for many years. After they closed Better Quilting, he worked for Oriental Quilting from 1997 to 1980, then Quality Wool from 1980 to 1982. He worked at Guild Mills from 1982 till 1984. Finally, he retired in 1995 from Goldman Sacks after working there from 1984.

Butch enjoys golfing and spending time with his wife and family. He resided Roxbury, NY. Franklin (77)'s occupation: Quilter New York, NY. He graduated from Ft Hamilton HS in 1951. Franklin (77) retired Roxbury, NY, in 1995.
Children of Franklin Alphonse3 Katen (77) and Margaret Jane 'Peggy' Kane (78) all born Brooklyn, NY, are as follows:

Generation Four

23. Rosemary Elaine4 Karam (214) (Theodore3, Mary2 Azar, Bishara1). Rosemary (214) was born Brooklyn, NY, on 3 June 1955. She married Daniel Patrick Davila (220) New York, NY, on 9 November 1980.
She resided Brooklyn, NY. She graduated from St John's Villa. Rosemary (214)'s occupation: Housewife.
Children of Rosemary Elaine4 Karam (214) and Daniel Patrick Davila (220) both born New York, NY, are as follows:

24. Marguerite Louise4 Karam (215) (Theodore3, Mary2 Azar, Bishara1). Marguerite (215) was born Brooklyn, NY, on 5 September 1957. She married Steven Francis Colantoni (216) Brooklyn, NY, on 27 May 1983.
She resided Staten Island, NY.
Children of Marguerite Louise4 Karam (215) and Steven Francis Colantoni (216) all born Brooklyn, NY, are as follows:

25. Ronald Paul4 Halloran (190) (Lorraine3 Farah, Victoria2 Azar, Bishara1). Ronald (190) was born New York, NY, on 11 June 1941. He married Joan Westover (204) in 1971. Ronald (190) was divorced from Barbara Jo Oliver (956) in 1971. Ronald (190) was divorced from Joan Westover (204) in 1981. He married Chris Annette Myers (205) Honolulu, HI, on 3 December 1983.
Ronald served for 26 years in the US Air Force. Currently, he is beginning a business that distributes sporting goods. He resided Chesterfield, VA. Ronald (190)'s occupation: Sport Goods Chesterfield, VA. He graduated from (an unknown value) in 1964.
Children of Ronald Paul4 Halloran (190) and Barbara Jo Oliver (956) are:
There were no children of Ronald Paul4 Halloran (190) and Joan Westover (204).
There were no children of Ronald Paul4 Halloran (190) and Chris Annette Myers (205).

27. Virginia Rose4 Morris (208) (Claire3 Farah, Victoria2 Azar, Bishara1). Virginia (208) was born Brooklyn, NY, on 13 September 1946. She married James Bernard Auxier (973) Belmar, NJ, on 20 December 1964.
She resided Wall, NJ. Virginia (208)'s occupation: Hairdresser NJ.
Children of Virginia Rose4 Morris (208) and James Bernard Auxier (973) both born Neptune, NJ, are as follows:

30. John Joseph4 Farah (228) (John3, Victoria2 Azar, Bishara1). John (228) was born Asbury Park, NJ, on 18 March 1948. He married Frances Ann Burzio (960) Philadelphia, PA, on 17 September 1976.
He resided Haverton, PA. John (228)'s occupation: Travel Agency unknown. He graduated from Stevens Inst of Technology in 1970.
Children of John Joseph4 Farah (228) and Frances Ann Burzio (960) both born Wynnewood, PA, are as follows:

33. Randolph Albert4 Luton (212) (Gladys3 Farah, Victoria2 Azar, Bishara1). Randolph (212) was born New York, NY, on 23 May 1945. He married Lydia Ester Lima (963) San Juan, PR, on 23 March 1980.
He resided Palm Beach, Gardens, FL. Randolph (212)'s occupation: Broker unknown. He graduated from Monmouth College in 1972.
Children of Randolph Albert4 Luton (212) and Lydia Ester Lima (963) are as follows:

35. Victoria Jean4 Luton (211) (Gladys3 Farah, Victoria2 Azar, Bishara1). Victoria (211) was born Washington, DC, on 14 March 1949. She married David Michael Pastore (961) Colts Neck, NJ, on 12 August 1978.
She resided Palm Beach, FL. She was employed; Housewife.
Children of Victoria Jean4 Luton (211) and David Michael Pastore (961) are:

39. Christian Samir4 Gargour (636) (Yvonne3 Azar, Alfonse2, Bishara1). Christian (636) was born Alexandria, Egypt, on 24 June 1944. He married Nana Talambekis (637) Montreal, Canada, on 26 December 1968.
He is a professor of electrical engineering. He resided Montreal, Canada. Christian (636)'s occupation: Engineer Montreal, Canada.
Children of Christian Samir4 Gargour (636) and Nana Talambekis (637) are:

40. Marcel Adel4 Gargour (639) (Yvonne3 Azar, Alfonse2, Bishara1). Marcel (639) was born Alexandria, Egypt, on 18 April 1952. He married Denise Chayer (640) Montreal, Canada, on 4 August 1973.
He is a professor of mechanical engineering. He resided Montreal, Canada. Marcel (639)'s occupation: Professor Montreal, Canada.
Children of Marcel Adel4 Gargour (639) and Denise Chayer (640) are:

42. Floyd Joseph4 Alwon (5) (Gloria3 Katen, Angelle2 Azar, Bishara1). Floyd (5) was born Brooklyn, NY, on 24 July 1947. He married Patricia Ann Cobun (6) Gloucester, MA, on 22 August 1971.
He resided Needham, MA. Floyd used to caddy in Sacandaga Lake in upstate NY. His favorite golfer was an elderly lady named Ms. Wienstein.

During his summer vacations, he hung out with Robert Reich who became the Secretary of Labor during the Clinton administration. He and Bob vied for the same Wolfgirl...Judy Wolf. He graduated from St. Ephrem's Grammer School in June 1960. He graduated from St. Augustine's High School in June 1964. He graduated from Marist College. He also earned a certificate in French Language from the Sorbonne during his junior year at Marist in BA, French, Poughkeepsie, NY, on in May 1969. He graduated from Boston University. on in 1972. .>. He graduated from Boston University. on in 1985. .>. Floyd (5)'s occupation: Training Needham, MA.
Children of Floyd Joseph4 Alwon (5) and Patricia Ann Cobun (6) are as follows:

43. Kenneth James4 Alwon (9) (Gloria3 Katen, Angelle2 Azar, Bishara1). Kenneth (9) was born Brooklyn, NY, on 19 February 1949. He married Margaret Katherine Rooney (10) Brooklyn, NY, on 17 July 1971.
When Kenny was born, Dad and Aunt Lady were at the movies, Jido and Taita were visiting the Jebailey's.

We were living on 10th Street at the time, but Mom wanted to be near the hospital. So, she and the family stayed at the Katen's on 79th Street.

In the early evening, Uncle Butch comes home. Remember, that he is a teenager at this time. He notices that Gloria is going to the bathroom a lot. He tells Gloria that maybe they should go to the hospital. But neither he nor she can drive.

So, Gloria calls for her parents at the Jebailey's. Ms. Jebailey had a few drinks and brushed Gloria off, telling her not to worry. Taita later asked Ms. Jebailey who called and again she said not to worry. Taita did! She got Jido and Mr. Jebailey to go straight home and drive Gloria to the hospital.

And so, Kenny was born with no fuss and no pain. Jido was concerned that no one even yelled 'Ya-Allah!" Little did he know that they'd have plenty of time to do so later. He resided Houston, TX. He graduated from Adelphi Univ in 1978. Kenneth (9)'s occupation: Computers Houston, TX, in 1995.
Children of Kenneth James4 Alwon (9) and Margaret Katherine Rooney (10) both born Brooklyn, NY, are as follows:

44. Dennis Charles4 Alwon (13) (Gloria3 Katen, Angelle2 Azar, Bishara1). Dennis (13) was born Brooklyn, NY, on 10 February 1951. He married Marianne Mount (14) Chapel Hill, NC, on 4 July 1974.
He is an electrical contractor.

Here is a story from Dennis emailed on Oct 6, 2005 that I believe describes my brother:

"I just have to relate this story to you all. Today on my way home I noticed a particularly long line of cars, in both directions, at the stop light ahead. Three police cars with lights going-- uh oh an accident for sure. The police blocked off one side of the road so cars had to be directed around, this is what caused the delay. But I didn't see any accident. As I got closer I noticed a wire was down halfway across the road. Ah, a power line so they were calling the power company to move the wire. But.....I thought it didn't look like a power line. As I got closer here comes a fire truck. Three firemen jump out and get the cones to cordon off the area. Finally it was my turn to drive by. I looked at the police officer and said you do know that's only a telephone line???? He said "is that what it is"? I said yes-- would you like me to move it for you. He said that would be good cause he didn't touch wires. I jumped out grabbed the wire and threw it off the road. Everyone cheered and honked.... Three firemen, three cops and all it took was a little old electrician to save the day. I could not believe they were that incompetent.
Love & Lillies
Dennis Alwon. He resided Chapel Hill, NC. He graduated from Marist in 1972. Dennis (13)'s occupation: Electrician Chapel Hill, NC, in 1995.
Children of Dennis Charles4 Alwon (13) and Marianne Mount (14) both born Chapel Hill, NC, are as follows:

47. Paul Nicholas4 Katen (26) (Joseph3, Angelle2 Azar, Bishara1). Paul (26) was born Hot Springs, AK, on 20 December 1949. He married Vickie Cornn (383) Delray Beach, FL, in 1971. Paul (26) was divorced from Vickie Cornn (383) unknown in 1975. He married Christine Elaina Stubbs (151) Hypoluxo, FL, on 11 February 1979. Paul (26) was divorced from Christine Elaina Stubbs (151) Orlando, Fl, circa 1993. He married Elizabeth Arlene Alphonse (1436) Lake Wales, FL, on 28 May 1995.
He resided Paris, France. Paul (26)'s occupation: Architect Paris, France. He graduated from Florida A&M University in 1980.
There were no children of Paul Nicholas4 Katen (26) and Vickie Cornn (383).
Children of Paul Nicholas4 Katen (26) and Christine Elaina Stubbs (151) are as follows:
Children of Paul Nicholas4 Katen (26) and Elizabeth Arlene Alphonse (1436) are:

50. Bruce Allen4 Katen (45) (Floyd3, Angelle2 Azar, Bishara1). Bruce (45) was born Brooklyn, NY, on 6 August 1953. He married Marie Ferry (46) Brooklyn, NY. He married Sam Marie Sessions (1207) Savanna, GA, on 16 May 1992.
He is an construction electrician. He moved from Brooklyn to Chapel Hill, NC. From there he went to Georgia, Louisiana, and then to Ohio. He resided Atlanta, GA. Bruce (45)'s occupation: Electrician Atlanta, GA. He graduated from Fort Hamilton High School in 1972.
Children of Bruce Allen4 Katen (45) and Marie Ferry (46) are:
Children of Bruce Allen4 Katen (45) and Sam Marie Sessions (1207) are as follows:

51. Barbara Ann4 Katen (48) (Floyd3, Angelle2 Azar, Bishara1). Barbara (48) was born Brooklyn, NY, on 8 January 1955. She married Frank Fortunato (49) Brooklyn, NY, on 8 October 1978.
She resided Middletown, NJ. Barbara (48)'s occupation: Housewife Middletown, NJ. She graduated from Fort Hamilton High School in 1972. She graduated from (an unknown value) . on in 1976. .>.
Children of Barbara Ann4 Katen (48) and Frank Fortunato (49) both born Brooklyn, NY, are as follows:

52. Gail Marie4 Katen (53) (Floyd3, Angelle2 Azar, Bishara1). Gail (53) was born Brooklyn, NY, on 12 June 1958. She married James Joseph Ullrich (54) Brooklyn, NY, on 15 April 1978.
She is a respiratory therapist. She resided Norwalk, CT. Gail (53)'s occupation: Therapist Norwalk, CT. She graduated from Fort Hamilton High School in 1976. She graduated from BMCC. on in 1984. .>.
Children of Gail Marie4 Katen (53) and James Joseph Ullrich (54) are:

53. Irene Louise4 Katen (56) (Floyd3, Angelle2 Azar, Bishara1). Irene (56) was born Brooklyn, NY, on 19 September 1960. She married Joaquin Antonio Dominguez (57) Brooklyn, NY, on 11 July 1981. Irene (56) was divorced from Joaquin Antonio Dominguez (57) Staten Island, NY, in September 1992. She married Richard Murphy (1466) Staten Island, NY, on 18 February 1995.
She resided Marietta, GA. Irene (56)'s occupation: She owns a Foot Solutions franchise in Atlanta GA Atlanta, GA. She graduated from Fordham University with a BA in Economics and Sociology in 1980 and from Pace University with an MBA in marketing in 1985. After spending 22 years in marketing and new product development for major financial services companies, she opened a orthopedic shoe store in Kennesaw, GA. She graduated from New Utrecht High Schoo in 1977. She graduated from Pace University. on in 1985. .>.
Children of Irene Louise4 Katen (56) and Joaquin Antonio Dominguez (57) are:
There were no children of Irene Louise4 Katen (56) and Richard Murphy (1466).

54. Nancy Jane4 Katen (59) (Floyd3, Angelle2 Azar, Bishara1). Nancy (59) was born Brooklyn, NY, on 4 March 1965. She married Thomas Davis (1612) on 21 April 2002.
Nancy is an occupational therapy assistant. She graduated from LaGuardia Community College in Dec 1993 with an AAS degree. She resided Brooklyn, NY. She graduated from PS 127. She graduated from St. Saviour in 1982. She graduated from CUNY. on in 1985. .>. Nancy (59)'s occupation: Secretary unknown in 1995.
Children of Nancy Jane4 Katen (59) and Thomas Davis (1612) are as follows:

55. Franklin Joseph4 Katen (79) (Franklin3, Angelle2 Azar, Bishara1). Franklin (79) was born Brooklyn, NY, on 10 July 1957. He married Susan Jean Clifford (90) Brooklyn, NY, on 12 May 1984.
He resided Washingtonville, NY. Franklin (79)'s occupation: Detective New York, NY. He graduated from Xaverian HS in 1975.
Children of Franklin Joseph4 Katen (79) and Susan Jean Clifford (90) are as follows:

56. James Robert4 Katen (80) (Franklin3, Angelle2 Azar, Bishara1). James (80) was born Brooklyn, NY, on 15 June 1958. He married Peggy Ann Ward (88) Brooklyn, NY, on 12 June 1982.
He is a lieutenant for the NYC Fire Department. He resided Rockaway, NY. James (80)'s occupation: Firefighter Brooklyn, NY. He graduated from (an unknown value) in 1980.
Children of James Robert4 Katen (80) and Peggy Ann Ward (88) both born Brooklyn, NY, are as follows:

57. Patricia Margaret4 Katen (81) (Franklin3, Angelle2 Azar, Bishara1). Patricia (81) was born Brooklyn, NY, on 6 November 1959. She married Thomas Bernard Michell (85) Brooklyn, NY, on 25 January 1986.
She resided Chapel Hill, NC. Patricia (81)'s occupation: Patty is a urology nurse at UNC Chapel Hill Durham, NC. She graduated from College of Staten Island. on. .>. She graduated from St. Saviour.
Children of Patricia Margaret4 Katen (81) and Thomas Bernard Michell (85) both born Brooklyn, NY, are as follows:

58. Diane Marie4 Katen (82) (Franklin3, Angelle2 Azar, Bishara1). Diane (82) was born Brooklyn, NY, on 22 August 1961. She married Walter Francis Ward (83) Brooklyn, NY, on 11 August 1984.
She resided Brooklyn, NY. Diane (82)'s occupation: Teacher Brooklyn, NY. She graduated from St. Saviour. She graduated from (an unknown value) . on in 1983. .>.
Children of Diane Marie4 Katen (82) and Walter Francis Ward (83) both born Brooklyn, NY, are as follows:

Generation Five

66. Nicole Amy5 Auxier (975) (Virginia4 Morris, Claire3 Farah, Victoria2 Azar, Bishara1). Nicole (975) was born Neptune, NJ, on 7 May 1972. She married Richard David Beradi (1939) on 14 July 2000 Eatontown, NJ.
She resided Wall, NJ. Nicole (975)'s occupation: Social Worker unknown. In 2007 Nicole wrties that she and Richard are living in Spring Lake Heights, NJ. She is a social worker at Family and Children's Services, Long Branch, NJ also pursuing a Masters Degree in Social Work at Monmouth University, Long Branch, NJ.
Children of Nicole Amy5 Auxier (975) and Richard David Beradi (1939) are:

82. Grant Nicholas5 Katen (153) (Paul4, Joseph3, Angelle2 Azar, Bishara1). Grant (153) was born West Palm Beach, FL, on 27 October 1981. He married Gina Lynn Malatia (2233) on 23 January 2010 Orlando, FL.
He resided Orlando, FL.
Children of Grant Nicholas5 Katen (153) and Gina Lynn Malatia (2233) are:

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