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Descendants of Father of Boutras Alwan (1462)

Generation One

1. Father of Boutras1 Alwan (1462). Father (1462) was born circa 1790. He married Mother of Boutras Alwan (1463). Father (1462) died.
Children of Father of Boutras1 Alwan (1462) and Mother of Boutras Alwan (1463) were:

Generation Two

2. Boutras2 Alwan (1451) (Father1). Boutras (1451) was born circa 1815. He married Nabiha Alwan (1452) Beirut, Lebanon, before 1838. Boutras (1451) died before 1890 Beirut, Lebanon.
Boutras is as far back as we can trace the Alwon name. The name might be a Muslim name.

According to Jeannete Hashem's talks with her mother, Victoria Alwon Solomon, "Boutras was a devil, he got into trouble because he couldn't keep his mouth shut!" He was also a very likeable fellow because he was straight forward.

We do not know the ages of his children nor their birth number. All of them died during World War 1. His son Norman went to the US and died on his return trip.
Children of Boutras2 Alwan (1451) and Nabiha Alwan (1452) all born Beirut, Lebanon, were as follows:

Generation Three

4. Jousef3 Alwan (1453) (Boutras2, Father1). Jousef (1453) was born Beirut, Lebanon, in 1839. He married Wife of Jousef Alwan (1456). Jousef (1453) died circa 1918.
Children of Jousef3 Alwan (1453) and Wife of Jousef Alwan (1456) were as follows:

6. Nami (Norman)3 Alwon (63) (Boutras2 Alwan, Father1). Nami (63) was born Beirut, Lebanon, in 1849. He married Jamily Assatly (64) Beirut in 1882. Nami (63) died circa 1917 Atlantic Ocean.
He was brought up to be a Roman Catholic priest in Beirut. He wasn't happy with that life and left the church to get married. He took Jamily as his wife when she was twelve years old.

He was in the tobacco trade, drying and rolling cigarettes and cigars for wealthy people in their homes as well as in a special room in his own home. After work, he would walk fifteen minutes to swim in the ocean. Nick, his son, would bring him towels to the beach. Nick walked to town to get ice for his father's drink, ouzzi. His other children would prepare the drink for him.

Norman came to this country around 1905. His Uncle George Assatly paid his passage. Norman didn't like to work. He loved gambling and drinking. His favorite was American beer. Whiskey and Arak were also his preference. He gambled on sports as well as cards (baccarat). He found a coffee house on Wall Street in Worcester where he could drink and gamble.

He earned a reputation as a man who chased after women. He always had some cash but would try to get more from his Uncle George Assatly and Eli Solomon (his sister Victoria's husband). His son Toufic would give his mother Jamily spending money. This always upset Norman. During one incident Norman was harassing Jamily. Toufic grabbed his father and punched him so hard he fell to the floor. On a separate occasion, Victoria slapped her father because he was beating her mother.

When drinking, Norman would always beat up and abuse his wife and children. When Nick was twelve, Norman almost beat him to death. Nick was well dressed and getting compliments about his dress and looks. This angered Norman so much that it took Nick over three weeks to recuperate from the beating. His sister Victoria took care of him and also raised money from her church friends for Novenas for Nick.

These incidents occurred while the family lived on Orient Street in Worcester. As a result of the beatings and abuse, Jamily and the children so feared Norman that she never wanted to see him again. George Assatly finally sent Norman back to the old country. He gave Norman a one way ticket.

The family was never to see him again. En route, the ship he was sailing on was bombed off the coast of Italy. He was killed during the bombings. Nami (63)'s occupation: Cigarette Maker Worcester, MA. Nami (63) immigrated, in 1905. Destination: Ellis Island, NY.
Children of Nami (Norman)3 Alwon (63) and Jamily Assatly (64) all born Beirut, Lebanon, were as follows:

Generation Four

13. Victoria4 Alwon (69) (Nami3, Boutras2 Alwan, Father1). Victoria (69) was born Beirut, Lebanon, on 25 April 1890. She married Elias Solomon (70) Worcester, MA, on 25 May 1906. Victoria (69) died on 24 February 1931 Worcester, MA, at age 40. Her body was interred in 1931 Worcester, MA, Notra Dame Cemetery, St. Mary's Plot.
She and her brother Toufic came to the USA around 1898. At first they went to Pittsburg, PA for one year. They then moved to Norwich, CT.

George Assatly provided the funds for the journey. He made them pay the money back immediately. According to Jeannette, "This was a terrible thing. He could have waited."

Within a year and a half, Victoria and Toufic earned enough money to pay the passages for their mother, Jamily and the rest of their family: Nicholas, Jean and Rose.

Victoria lived in Norwich until 1908. The family then moved to Worcester. She attended the Grafton School as did the rest of the family. After grammar school, she worked for ten to twelve years stitching dresses.

She married at 18. She met her husband Elias at a picnic. His sister in law introduced them. A couple of months later, they got married. Her first two children, Joseph and Mary died before they reached three years old. She claims they died from the "Evil eye" of other people. To her, their death was the result of jealously. The children were beautiful. Other would comment that these children could not be hers because they were so attractive.

Her ability to cook Syrian bread on an old black wooden stove was well known in the neighborhood. Kids would come to visit when she started baking. She helped her husband by making baby bonnets, sweaters and blankets. Eli sold them on his peddling route.

Eli played her dirty. He took material out of the drawer that Matilda was saving to make a dress for Victoria. Eli sold the material without his wife knowing.

She lived for a time at 98 Orient Street and then moved to Shale Street. Her death was caused by a fall from her hospital bed after a gall bladder operation. Her stitches opened and she died instantly. Victoria (69)'s occupation: Dressmaker Worcester, MA. Victoria (69) immigrated, in 1898; Norwich, Ct.
Children of Victoria4 Alwon (69) and Elias Solomon (70) were as follows:

14. Nicholas Norman4 Alwon (61) (Nami3, Boutras2 Alwan, Father1). Nicholas (61) was born Beirut, Lebanon, on 28 August 1894. He married Matiele (Matilda) Zrake (62) Worcester, MA, on 24 December 1916. Nicholas (61) died on 19 March 1990 Worcester, MA, at age 95; Peritonitis. His body was interred in 1990 Northville, NY, Northville Cemetery.
He is also known as "Oula (Nicholas) Nami (Norman)". We call him Jido Nick.

His great grandfather was an "Alwon", meaning an addressor. An "Addressor" wrote addresses on letters for others.

As a little boy in Beirut, Nick wanted to work. At four years, he started fires for an oud (violin) factory in his neighborhood. He also helped his dad roll cigarettes.

Nick's dad used to bathe in the Mediterranean Sea after work. As a child, Nick used to bring his father towels to dry himself. Afterwards, Nick remembers good feelings because his dad put Nick on his back and carried him home.

He was four or five years old when he followed his brother and sister, Toufic and Victoria, to America. He came with his parents and sister Jean. Nick continually got sea sick on the boat. He recalls Jean looking after him.

He lived at 148 Norfolk Street in Worcester until he married.

He received his American citizenship on 4/12/15 in Worcester, MA. The document describes him as 5'9", white, dark complexion and brown eyes. His country of origin is Turkey.

He worked for the Brooklyn Navy Yard from July 7, 1924 until his retirement on Dec 1, 1956. He started with a temporary assignment as a machinist at $6.40 per day. In 1944 he was promoted to a Mechanic Instructor earning $11.04 per day.

His employment was sporadic with many periods of layoffs. It seems he also worked for F.W. Bliss & Co [Processed metal machinery and automatic can machines] for twelve years as a mechanic until 2/21/1934.

Nick lived with his niece Jeannette from 1965 until his death in 1990. He did not treat her well. He expected her to behave like a woman from the old country. He wanted her to be only with him and to care for him. Friends were not welcome...only family.

Jeannette took Nick to the hospital four times...for kidney stones, pnemonia, and twice for colon cancer. He was at Memorial Hospital on Belmont St. and at the Fairlawn Clinic, both in Worchester. Throughout his life, he suffered from pleurisy, a repiratory problem. He died at 8:30 AM on March 19, 1990 in St. Vincent's Hospital in Worcester, MA. The causes of his death are peritonitis, gall bladder infection and renal failure. He is buried with his wife and daughter in Northville, NY.

Here are some positive comments from Amy Hurley of Worchester MA about Nick. Amy is a great friend of Jeannette Hashem and knows Nick and Jeannette well. She wrote this in Jan. 2007:

I was doing a google search and noticed your family site. What a wonderful piece of history that you put together for your family. I remember your grandfather very well. As a child, my family visited quite often and they, too, took the trip to Chelmsford for our major events (graduations, communions, etc) Stories on my end were that Nick proposed marriage to my grandmother, Alice. But Alice never wanted to remarry. Aunt Jeannette confirmed this and said how Nick and my grandmother often double dated with Jeannette and George.

My memories of him were much different from Jeannette's and I can see her influence in what was written about him on your site. I recall Nick to be a respectable man, always dressed in a three piece suit and to his last day, he had friendly manner towards others -- especially to the women he would meet. He had "girlfriends"
everywhere, whether it be the waitresses in the restaurants, store
clerks, or nurses in hospital. All knew him by name.

I remember when I told him that i was going to College in Worcester, he was so excited and joked about how he is going to college too. He was always laughing with us. Unfortunately, he passed during my freshman year.

I was glad I stumbled upon your site and I truly enjoyed reading your family history. His Social Security Number was 055-24-8902. Nicholas (61) immigrated, in 1899. Destination: Ellis Island, NY. He petitioned the court to become a citizen Commonwealth of MA, Worcester, MA, on 12 April 1915. Nicholas (61)'s occupation: Machinist Brooklyn, NY, before 1970.
Children of Nicholas Norman4 Alwon (61) and Matiele (Matilda) Zrake (62) both born Brooklyn, NY, were as follows:

Generation Five

19. Charles Joseph5 Solomon (76) (Victoria4 Alwon, Nami3, Boutras2 Alwan, Father1). Charles (76) was born Pittsburgh, PA, on 8 August 1912. He married Doretta LaCarva (162) Brooklyn, NY, on 9 August 1935. Charles (76) died on 26 September 1994 Worcester, MA, at age 82. He was buried; St. John's Cemetary on Cambridge St. in Worchester.
Charles lived at 37 Barclay St in Worcester, MA. He was born in Pittsburgh yet lived most of his life in Worcester. His mother went to Pittsburg to visit with her mother-in-law. While there Charlie was born.

He was a sewing machine mechanic for area manufacturing companies for many years before retiring in 1971. He was a memeber of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church.

As a small child, Charlie took me to White City, an amusement park outside of Worcester. My memories are clear about the evening lights and the rides on paddle boats with him, my father and my Uncle George Hashem.

He suffered from Alzheimers disease. He died after a brief illness. His funeral was at Morin Funeral Home and he was buried in St. John's Cemetery. He graduated from Darkman Street, Grammer. Charles (76)'s occupation: Mechanic Worcester, MA.
Children of Charles Joseph5 Solomon (76) and Doretta LaCarva (162) are:

22. George Nicholas5 Alwon (1) (Nicholas4, Nami3, Boutras2 Alwan, Father1). George (1) was born Brooklyn, NY, on 31 December 1921. He married Gloria Mary Katen (2) Bethany Lutheran Church, Brooklyn, NY, on 27 March 1943. Initially, Mom and Pop got married here on the day they eloped. Later, they married in Our Lady of Lebanon Roman Catholic Church. George (1) died on 20 June 1985 Brooklyn, NY, at age 63.
George, my Dad, was born at 40 Willow Place in Brooklyn, NY. He grew up in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. As an adult he became a successful electrical contractor. {#13}{#13}As far back as I can remember, everyone loved George. He was a good and kind man who touched the heart of anyone who knew him. He always had a warm smile that radiated with love. {#13}{#13}During his early years, he dated Helen Mosler [she later married Joe Abaid]. The Moslers were family friends who went to Sacandaga Lake with my dad's parents. Everyone thought they'd get married.{#13}{#13}Later, George met my mother Gloria through her brother Joe. They met and fell in love. George and Gloria eloped. They lived for two years with her parents, Badie and Angelle and had two boys, George [me] and Floyd. George and Gloria then moved to 10th Street and 6th Avenue in Park Slope, where they had another two boys, Kenneth and Dennis. Four years later they moved to 72nd Street in Brooklyn where they had two girls, Anita and Carol and raised their six children. {#13}{#13}He went to school at PS 176 on 69th St. and 12th Ave. Many years later, Gloria would meet a woman at a party after George died who told Gloria that she remembered Dad from grammar school. She described him as "the handsomest boy in the school". She went on to say that he was "smart, nice and a little gentleman". {#13}{#13}When I was in the first grade in Park Slope, my principal sent a note home with me that inquired if I were related to George Alwon. He was my Dad's teacher who said he always remembered George as an outstanding person. {#13}{#13}In high school, Gloria recalls that George made up cross word puzzles in Latin for the school newspaper. {#13}{#13}He was never accepted for military duty during World War II because of a medical problem - he had two webbed toes! He also had an epileptic problem and took dilantin for many years.{#13}{#13}He began his electrical business by chance. Since he didn't enter the Army, as he wanted to, he had to find work. His father Nick had a friend Jake Booze. Jake worked in the shipyards around 53rd St Bay Ridge. They were the Bush Shipyards. Latter the area would be known as Bush Terminal. Jake took a liking to George and got him a job with the shipyards as an electrician's helper. George learned fast. His career began here. Forty years later, his career ended a few blocks from where it began. {#13}{#13}While at the shipyard, Dad earned some extra money by selling raffle tickets on his paycheck. He sold chances for $1.00 each. {#13}After the War, he got his next job with an electrical contractor who was Jewish. Throughout his business life, the Jewish people were his best supporters and encouragers...except for this one. George had to go to jobs by subway or if he had too much to carry, by cab. This contractor didn't pay Dad for Christmas or for the Jewish holidays. He quit. {#13}{#13}Dad worked for another contractor and was soon laid off. During his next job, he began studying for his electrical license. He took a night class at a trade school. Gloria said the $50 fee was a major concern to them at that time. {#13}{#13}He got fired from this job when the license board asked his boss for a reference. They fired him because they did not know he was trying to get his license. He learned a lesson from this experience. For the rest of his life, he encouraged and supported his employees when they tried to get their own electrical licenses. {#13}{#13}George took to the streets to find work. But first, he needed to have an office or a sign in a window that indicated that he was licensed. He walked the streets around the lower 20's in Manhattan. {#13}On 23rd St he met Jimmy Pasquale, "Jimmy the Plumber". Jimmy said he would talk to his boss Donald Smoke. Donald rented George a desk and a place to put his sign. Alwon Electric Company began! {#13}{#13}His second son Floyd was born when George printed his business cards and again walked the streets handing them out. {#13}{#13}His first customer was Arrow Dye. Arrow Dye was a small dye house that grew into a multi million-dollar business. They remained faithful and committed to Alwon Electric throughout their growth. They wanted George because of the quality of his work and his honesty. They trusted him. {#13}{#13}Trust, being a nice guy, and work quality were the words more frequently heard about George and his business. He cared for his customers and his employees even when they took advantage of him. {#13}{#13}One of his associates, Marty Bleich, offered to pay all of Dad's bills when he fell at work and ended up in the hospital. Marty was one of Dad's many Jewish friends. {#13}{#13}Walter Whitelaw began his career with Dad. He learned the trade from George. He then helped him get started in his own business. Whitelaw Electric grew to be a large and successful firm. {#13}{#13}Dad touched many people. Mom met a man in 1993 who heard of Dad's work thirty years ago but never met him. He was glad to meet Gloria and tell her about the wonderful things he knew about a man he never met. {#13}{#13}Dad frequently drove Johnny Ryan, one of our 72nd St. neighbors, to the firehouse where he worked. One day, Johnny forgot his lunch in Dad's truck. Johnny claims that Dad drove back from Manhattan to give John his lunch. {#13}{#13}He had a host of characters working for him including yours truly. What he let me get away with only a father would do. Sidney Blacken never came to work until after 5 pm. He was a very unique man who had no regard for conventional behavior. George Richards, a Caribbean Black man worked with us. He was a hard worker and a role model. Then there was Don, Jimmy Cronin, and others I don't remember. {#13}{#13}My brother Floyd, Kenny and Dennis, my uncles Floyd and Butch, and my cousin Bruce all earned extra money with Alwon Electric. {#13}{#13}Butch recalls the Electrical Contractor Conventions at the Hotel Concord in the Catskills. Gloria & George, Floyd & Florence, and Butch & Peggy had some wild times at these conventions. {#13}{#13}Franklin, Butch's son and George's nephew recalls running fluorescent fixtures in warehouses in Park Slope with Bruce. Frank remembers the day George had an accident in his work truck. The officials said if George WAS wearing his seat belt he would not have been as lucky as he was that day. Frank also remembers many a good time with grandpa Nick [George's father]. And Frank recalls the "knuckleheads" drilling for water in Brooklyn.{#13}{#13}His niece, Barbara Katen Fortunato recalls: "My fondest memory of him was when I had just given birth to my first born, Lisa at Lutheran Medical Center. I was all alone in my room, and feeling a little post-partum "blue", when I heard his voice in the hallway telling the nurses that "he was there to see his niece who had just had a baby". Those words (and his voice) cheered me up immediately! I will never forget his smiling face that day." {#13}{#13}Bernardo Contreras was a friend from Mexico that George brought into his business. Bernardo, like Dad, learned the trade and the business. When Dad died, Bernardo took over the business. Bernardo has since sold the business and is very, very comfortably retired in Puerto Rico. {#13} {#13}Mom remembers Dad telling her that every week we should try and do 5 minutes of good deeds for someone. That's how I remember him...always doing good for others.{#13}. He graduated from New Utretch High School. on. He employed an unknown person Brooklyn, NY, at an unknown date; Electrician. His Social Security Number was 082-16-5892. He was ill with kidney problems; Polycystic Kidneys.
Children of George Nicholas5 Alwon (1) and Gloria Mary Katen (2) were as follows:

Generation Six

23. Ruth Teresa6 Solomon (163) (Charles5, Victoria4 Alwon, Nami3, Boutras2 Alwan, Father1). Ruth (163) was born Worcester, MA, on 14 February 1938. She married Chritos Thomas Kitas (976) Mamaroneck, NY, on 8 August 1966.
Ruth had a child, Chucky, at the age of 18. She denied to me that she was the mother of the boy. Her father adopted and raised Chucky. She resided Boston, MA. She graduated from Carmis High School. Ruth (163)'s occupation: Housewife Boston, MA.
Children of Ruth Teresa6 Solomon (163) include:
Children of Ruth Teresa6 Solomon (163) and Chritos Thomas Kitas (976) are:

25. Floyd Joseph6 Alwon (5) (George5, Nicholas4, Nami3, Boutras2 Alwan, Father1). Floyd (5) was born Brooklyn, NY, on 24 July 1947. He married Patricia Ann Cobun (6) Gloucester, MA, on 22 August 1971.
He resided Needham, MA. Floyd used to caddy in Sacandaga Lake in upstate NY. His favorite golfer was an elderly lady named Ms. Wienstein.

During his summer vacations, he hung out with Robert Reich who became the Secretary of Labor during the Clinton administration. He and Bob vied for the same Wolfgirl...Judy Wolf. He graduated from St. Ephrem's Grammer School in June 1960. He graduated from St. Augustine's High School in June 1964. He graduated from Marist College. He also earned a certificate in French Language from the Sorbonne during his junior year at Marist in BA, French, Poughkeepsie, NY, on in May 1969. He graduated from Boston University. on in 1972. .>. He graduated from Boston University. on in 1985. .>. Floyd (5)'s occupation: Training Needham, MA.
Children of Floyd Joseph6 Alwon (5) and Patricia Ann Cobun (6) are as follows:

26. Kenneth James6 Alwon (9) (George5, Nicholas4, Nami3, Boutras2 Alwan, Father1). Kenneth (9) was born Brooklyn, NY, on 19 February 1949. He married Margaret Katherine Rooney (10) Brooklyn, NY, on 17 July 1971.
When Kenny was born, Dad and Aunt Lady were at the movies, Jido and Taita were visiting the Jebailey's.

We were living on 10th Street at the time, but Mom wanted to be near the hospital. So, she and the family stayed at the Katen's on 79th Street.

In the early evening, Uncle Butch comes home. Remember, that he is a teenager at this time. He notices that Gloria is going to the bathroom a lot. He tells Gloria that maybe they should go to the hospital. But neither he nor she can drive.

So, Gloria calls for her parents at the Jebailey's. Ms. Jebailey had a few drinks and brushed Gloria off, telling her not to worry. Taita later asked Ms. Jebailey who called and again she said not to worry. Taita did! She got Jido and Mr. Jebailey to go straight home and drive Gloria to the hospital.

And so, Kenny was born with no fuss and no pain. Jido was concerned that no one even yelled 'Ya-Allah!" Little did he know that they'd have plenty of time to do so later. He resided Houston, TX. He graduated from Adelphi Univ in 1978. Kenneth (9)'s occupation: Computers Houston, TX, in 1995.
Children of Kenneth James6 Alwon (9) and Margaret Katherine Rooney (10) both born Brooklyn, NY, are as follows:

27. Dennis Charles6 Alwon (13) (George5, Nicholas4, Nami3, Boutras2 Alwan, Father1). Dennis (13) was born Brooklyn, NY, on 10 February 1951. He married Marianne Mount (14) Chapel Hill, NC, on 4 July 1974.
He is an electrical contractor.

Here is a story from Dennis emailed on Oct 6, 2005 that I believe describes my brother:

"I just have to relate this story to you all. Today on my way home I noticed a particularly long line of cars, in both directions, at the stop light ahead. Three police cars with lights going-- uh oh an accident for sure. The police blocked off one side of the road so cars had to be directed around, this is what caused the delay. But I didn't see any accident. As I got closer I noticed a wire was down halfway across the road. Ah, a power line so they were calling the power company to move the wire. But.....I thought it didn't look like a power line. As I got closer here comes a fire truck. Three firemen jump out and get the cones to cordon off the area. Finally it was my turn to drive by. I looked at the police officer and said you do know that's only a telephone line???? He said "is that what it is"? I said yes-- would you like me to move it for you. He said that would be good cause he didn't touch wires. I jumped out grabbed the wire and threw it off the road. Everyone cheered and honked.... Three firemen, three cops and all it took was a little old electrician to save the day. I could not believe they were that incompetent.
Love & Lillies
Dennis Alwon. He resided Chapel Hill, NC. He graduated from Marist in 1972. Dennis (13)'s occupation: Electrician Chapel Hill, NC, in 1995.
Children of Dennis Charles6 Alwon (13) and Marianne Mount (14) both born Chapel Hill, NC, are as follows:

Generation Seven

35. Stephen George7 Alwon (12) (Kenneth6, George5, Nicholas4, Nami3, Boutras2 Alwan, Father1). Stephen (12) was born Brooklyn, NY, on 9 February 1983. He married Marisa Ruderman (2236).
He resided Houston, TX.
Children of Stephen George7 Alwon (12) and Marisa Ruderman (2236) are:

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